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About Just Organic

Established in Christchurch in 2007 by entrepreneur Julian McKeefry, Just Organic has been delighting customers with certified organic products ever since. Now owned and managed by dedicated couple, Colin Clapp and Elly McGuinness, the Just Organic team are making organic shopping more and more accessible and easy for all New Zealanders wherever they are.


Our purpose is to facilitate the increased health and the wealth of New Zealand’s diverse population one bite (or gulp!) at a time. Just Organic provides a range of certified organic foodstuffs so it is easy for you to make healthy choices and convenient for you to receive your organic food delivery.


By making certified organic shopping easy, our mission is to inspire 20,000 families and workplaces to greatly improve their health and wellbeing by 2020.


We want  you to make the best possible choices to benefit not only the health of yourself and your loved ones - but also to support New Zealand farmers and the health of our planet. Your decision to increase your consumption of naturally organic food is a crucial jigsaw piece in the puzzle of sustainability for everybody’s future.


Meet the owners; introducing Colin & Elly

Christchurch-based couple, Elly McGuinness and Colin Clapp, are passionate about the type of food New Zealand households feed their families. Elly and Colin take pleasure from seeing more individuals selecting certified organic shopping to invest in their health now and in the future.

Elly McGuinness

Leading by example, Elly McGuinness has been a strong voice inside New Zealand’s natural health industry for over 15 years. Elly is wholeheartedly committed to educating and inspiring people to make positive, sustainable changes to improve their holistic health and fitness and subsequently live a more balanced lifestyle. Elly recognises that choosing to support organic fruit delivery at your work or having the convenience of organic shopping being delivered direct to your door is an important first step.

Elly is author of Burning Fat for Good, winner of the 2014 Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge ‘New Mums Category’ and currently writes for Style, Epic Mentors and Total Health Magazine.

Colin Clapp

With a strong management background in business, UK born Colin Clapp is proud to be a long-term mentor for two award winning Champion Canterbury businesses. Today, using Just Organic as a vehicle, he is heavily invested in ensuring his local and global community is a better one for everybody involved and would love to see the concept of organic food delivery being embraced by every kiwi household. He draws inspiration from the words of Winston Churchill...

“You make a living out of what you get. You make a life out of what you give.”